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Scout FI°

"When the dust settles" a digital journey

The search for Object 67

It all started when Tristar Telecom sat #67 better known as "object 67" went down.
Tripod FI N°|162845 was ordered to scan the area for any hostilities and to retrieve the valuable comsat white box D.A.R.P. 04.
The downed sat was found quickly, but unfortunately no sign of the white box.... yet. The search went on for days and days but turned out to be a very harsh venture in this heavy dust covered place scattered with trip-mines and ambushes.

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Scout 02
When the dust settles 29H

Digital modelling & painting

This tripod was made using Blender, Substance painter & Photoshop. Based on a scratch-build vignette which you can see here this one was a learn-full journey in both working with Blender & Substance painter. Working with Substance painter could be a very frustrating ride but once you know where to find what it's a d#mn pleasure to work with. Making fantasies real using pixels reminds me of why I switched to make physical models in my spare time years ago. The possibilities in 3D modelling & digital painting are just endless and it's very often hard when to stop. I mean, for this project there was simply no deadline so I could add details forever and ever. But like most projects sooner or later I want to finish it. Smash the pics/renders & blabla on a webpage and it's done. But I'm hungry for more pixels and a new digital project is already in the making so stay tuned.

Scout 18
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When the dust settles 29G

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