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The Silver King

F-4J Phantom II VF-92 "Silver Kings"

The 1/72 scale Academy F-4J Phantom II is a very nice kit. The only downer is the fact that the canopy is a one piece part. So if you wanna have an open canopy like me you have to do a nerve wrecking job; Canopy cutting. Or... score a donor multipart canopy from Fujimi which fits this kit very well. I tried to clean cut the canopy and it all went pretty well so I didn't have to use the donor canopy. The very nice decal set is from Galaxy Model

The Silver King 09
The Silver King 02
The Silver King 04A
The Silver King 05
The Silver King 07
The Silver King 06

The 1/72 Academy F-4J build & finish

1/72 Scale is a relatively small scale but jets in this scale are fine except for bang seats handles & canopy mirrors. These small parts are on the brink of what I can actually handle.  After finishing these kind of parts I crave models in a larger scale like 1/48.  
The paint-job was done using AK Real colors and an Iwata HP-C+ and Iwata HP-B+ airbrush. Weathering was done using AK panelliners, Mig washes, Tamiya Weathering Master and Cretacolor Marino water color pencils. A mix of blue & green of Liquitex acrylic inks was used to color the windshield.
Decals are from Galaxy Models and although they are a little bit thick they went on super smooth with Daco Products Decalsetting strong version.

The Silver King 10
The Silver King 11A
The Silver King 12
The Silver King 14
The Silver King 13
The Silver King 15A
The Silver King 16A
The Silver King 19

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