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SSC Bumblebee launch bay

1/48 scale scratch build science fiction diorama

Always wanted to build a launch bay like the one in Battlestar Galactica where Colonial Vipers were launched into space.

So I started to design & build my own vipers the Bees. Based on a acrylic sphere my target was to design & build one Bee in just one week. So I had to make choices. E.g. no landing gear, no open cockpit etc...
And guess what I succeed and both Bees where designed & build within 2 weeks.
(Still had to paint them though.)

The launch bay was build using different materials, spare parts and a toy truck.
Star ship carrier Bumblebee was born January 7 2016.

SSC Bumblebee 01
SSC Bumblebee 06
SSC Bumblebee 07
SSC Bumblebee 08
SSC Bumblebee 04
SSC Bumblebee 05
SSC Bumblebee 10
SSC Bumblebee 09
SSC Bumblebee 02
SSC Bumblebee 03B

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