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R6 | Space Egg

Search & Rescue drone

Space Egg R6 02B

Space egg type R6

The Pixel & Plastics company was asked to develop a serie of three space eggs for delicate search and rescue operations. The R6 "space egg" UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) was designed for prototyping quick build & finish production pipelines and testing new materials & composites.
The R6 and an undisclosed 2nd prototype are already operational. Powered with a compact PP356-A01 jet engine, a state of the art QW#2 radar, the RT7 high frequency receiver & transmitter and a set of Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras this R6 is ready to do it's job; search & rescue missions.

This vignette is sold.

Space Egg R6 08D
Space Egg R6 09

Space Egg R6 | #167 operational

When the dust settles Tripod FI N°|162845 was ordered to scan the area for any hostilities together with several small individual R6 "space egg" scout teams. 
This scene illustrates the R6 |#167 search & rescue team nearing the crash site center on October 7th 2108. In total 19 R6 teams joined this search & rescue operation that day. One team R6 | #89 was missing in action while 3 other scout teams suffered some heavy damage that day.

Space Egg R6 10
Space Egg R6 16B
Space Egg R6 15
Space Egg R6 05E
Space Egg R6 03
Space Egg R6 04
Space Egg R6 13
Space Egg R6 11
Space Egg R6 12
Space Egg R6 14
Space Egg R6 18A

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