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Snowcamp 1919

A 1/76 scale World War Robot diorama

World War Robot 02E
World War Robot 24B

Angela's Hammer time

The Winter of 1919 was extremely harsh and it was time to take some decisive actions to break the status quo on the western front. The Australian Military Expeditionary Force just received one of the new "Big boys"; a World War Robot called Angela. Angela's sole mission was to hammer the front and force a final breakthrough. After a very successful first week of downing 5 boogies & destroying 3 armored cars during 4 assault raids the enemy was hammered from the front back to the east.

Snowcamp 1919 is based around a World War Robot from 3A. World War Robot is a graphic novel serie illustrated by artist Ashley Wood and written by both Ashley Wood and TP Louise.
This very rare model is not a regular kit but more like a designers' toy or action figure. The accompanying figures and vehicle are superb 1/76 scale models from WD models and were like the World War Robot a joy to paint!

World War Robot 03A
World War Robot 03B
World War Robot 03CA
World War Robot 11
World War Robot 13
World War Robot 08

Snowcamp in the making

This project was probably my biggest yet. Not only the World War Robot consists of multiple parts but the whole scene was build up using different elements. 

I started this project building a mock up using foam on top of a circular rotating base. To emphasize the size of the robot I choose 1/76 scale figs instead of the regular 1/35 scale ones. This was a perfect plan since the WD models' truck & figs are splendid and the World War Robot rises above the tiny little men below.. 

Next I started the World War Robots' extensive paintjob using Tamiya TS41 Coral blue (straight from the spraycan) as a base. After some hairspray effect areas I covered the complete World War Robot with a postshade. Finished weathering the robot using the usual acrylic inks treatment from Liquitex and some pigments & pencils touches.

World War Robot 15
World War Robot 17A
World War Robot 17B
World War Robot 17C
World War Robot 18
World War Robot 16

The Gatling gun

The Gatling gun was first pre-shaded blue over a white base followed by some green layers (all Tamiya acrylics). After a coat of Citadel Purity seal the weathering was done using Liquitex acrylic inks & Tamiya X-20A thinner, pigments & pencils. The weathered rust effect was achieved using acrylic paint sponge stamping, a light colored ink wash & some graphite penciling. (Life could be so easy. =+) The gun barrel received a gloss black base and was rubbed in with metallic powder from Uschis' metallic pigments. Some matt black pigment powder was used for the barrels' end. Finishing touches were done using Tamiya X-19 Smoke for wet oil effects.

World War Robot 19
World War Robot 20

The Australian Military Expeditionary Force & base

The WD models' truck & figs were base-coated black. Started with a "medium" green and ended up with a "light" green at the top to enhance the model lighting. After a seal of varnish a Mig productions dark thinned enamel wash was applied and since those figures are so well detailed every tiny little detail already popped up after a simple wash and a subtle drybrush.

The front of the foam base was covered with plaster, some fine sand and some airbrushed layers. Little tree trunks were placed and barbwire rolls made from mosquito net were added. The wooden planks were made out of blue styrofoam as well as the bunker. Two aprt epoxy putty from Tamiya was used to sculpt the sandbags.

The wooden floor received a pre-shade with Tamiya acrylic paint. 

Finally the snow was done using sodium and thinned pva glue. The wet effects on both World War Robot as well as the base were achieved with Vallejo gloss varnish & Tamiya X-19 Smoke.

World War Robot 14A
World War Robot 14B
World War Robot 14C
World War Robot 14D
World War Robot 14E
World War Robot 14F
World War Robot 22B
World War Robot 21A
World War Robot 23
World War Robot threeA 01

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