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RAAF Target Towing Bristol Beaufighter

Tamiya 1/48 scale folded wing kitbash conversion

The concept

The Bristol Beaufighter is one of my favourite planes and Tamiya has some beautiful 1/48 scale renditions in it's line up. There are plenty color schemes to choose from but a bare metal yellow & black Target Towing version was the one I immediately fell in love with.
But unfortunately when finished the belly of a plane is barely visible. That's a pity since plane bellies are always areas covered with very nice details. So I wanted to expose the black & yellow striping on the bottom and decided to add some folded wings. And yes I know this is not historical correct but hey do I care? Guess not. =+)

Beaufighter 02
Beaufighter 03
Beaufighter 09
Beaufighter 10B
Beaufighter 07A
Beaufighter 06
Beaufighter 04D
Beaufighter 05D
Beaufighter 08
Beaufighter Bristol 00

The making of

As said above there were no Bristol Beaufighters with folded wings... till now. =+)
I just cut off the wings and scratched a folded wing mechanism with parts from the scrapbox. In every way this kit from Tamiya is an excellent one. All the parts were fitting perfectly and I only added some resin seats from Ultracast. An Eduard mask set was used to mask the transparent parts and I used EZ line to create the antenna. The bare metal coat was done using Extreme metal from AK interactive and the black & yellow are acrylic from Tamiya. Pledge was used for varnishing purpose.

Beaufighter 19
Beaufighter 17A
Beaufighter 18
Beaufighter 13
Beaufighter 14
Beaufighter 12
Beaufighter 15A
Beaufighter 16A
Beaufighter 11
Beaufighter 21
Beaufighter 22
Beaufighter 23
Beaufighter 25

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