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Queen Bee

Kitbash project by Marcel du Long & Jake jerde


Jake Jerde and his kitbash(es)

Jake Jerde builds very sweet concept sci-fi stuff using tons of plastic pieces/trash/toys within his reach. But like many other kitbashers he almost never paint or finish his stuff. How sad...
So some years ago I decide to buy one of his super sweet "brain farts" to finish as in => put actually some paint on a Jake Jerde model. My intention was to finish her in a heavy weathered post apocalyptic color scheme in 1/48 scale. But along the way Navy colors were applied and the idea of a near future carrier deck scene was born. Googling for some appropriate  1/72 scale figures I ran into some 3D printed figures from Reedoak... oh my. .. what a detail galore this was. This company 3D prints super detailed figures in a variety of scales and I choose some 1/72 scale US Navy carrier crew figs to complete the scene.

This vignette is not for sale.

Queen Bee 02
Queen Bee 03
Queen Bee 06
Queen Bee 05A

Queen Bee dry dock

After some sanding & filling I started this project with a decent Games Workshop Corax White primer straight from the spray-can, excellent stuff. Then the fun part started; airbrushing. First a pre-shade followed by the colored layers to end with a post-shade. Due to the complexity of the model with all her curves the airbrush job took me around 5 hours. Then the layers of acrylic Tamiya paint were sealed with some coats of HG floor parquet gloss finish. A perfect base for applying decals and both wet as well as dry transfers were put on. Finished her with paneliner pinwashes from Ak interactive, pastel powders and pencils.

Queen Bee 10
Queen Bee 11
Queen Bee 12B

The small deck crew

The scene was completed with marvelous 3D printed 1/72 figures from Reedoak. I was overwhelmed with the amount of detail on those little fellows, truly amazing!
Since these figures had so much detail I needed to add extra small details to the nose area of Queen Bee to keep scale & detail consistency and added some small extra decals, several hooks and an antenna.
I started to color and shade the figures with my Iwata Custom Micron airbrush and finished the details using  Winsor & Newton brushes and acrylic paint. The crew was glued on the deck with Micro Kristal Klear.

Queen Bee 07A
Queen Bee 08
Queen Bee 09
Queen Bee 14C
Queen Bee 15
Queen Bee 16A

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