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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG - 3

The naked bird

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG - 3 from Trumpeter in a bare metal & wooden finish. 

Started this project back in early 2011 and it took me about 4 years to finish it. What 4 years? Building planes is a very nerve wrecking "hobby" cause any even little mistake can ruin your model or at least a part of it. It's just so very unforgiving and that's why it took me so long to finish this one.

Build this 1/32 scale kit  almost straight from the box with only minor adjustments to the wheel-doors & cockpit.

Mig 3 04
Mig 3 10
Mig 3 05
Mig 3 07A
Mig 3 08A
Mig 3 09A

The workshop

I bought this kit for just 2 reasons; His fluent design lines and his big nose. Okay yeah his low price tag was also an incentive.

After some research googling I discovered that there were only 2 "default" historical correct color schemes for this one; a white or a green scheme. Although a white one is not that bad I wanted to emphasize his "racing look"  and intended to finish him in 100% bare metal. I soon discovered that 50% of this bird was actually made of wood and the scheme was set; bare metal & wood.
The wood was handpainted using Liquitex acrylic ink over a white primed pre-shaded base. Silver paint from a Humbrol spraycan was used for the bare metal base.

Mig 3 13
Mig 3 16
Mig 3 14A
Mig 3 15A
Mig 3 17
Mig 3 20
Mig 3 19A
Mig 3 03B

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