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MAK Maschinen Krieger

Melusine Panzer Kampf Anzug

Waves' 1/20 scale Melusine

The Melusine is still one of my favorite designs from the MAK Universe

A science fiction universe created by Japanese artist and sculptor Kow Yokoyama.

This MA.K Maschinen Krieger Melusine is a so called Panzer Kampf Anzug. An armored combat suit if you like.

Build this 1/20 scale baby from Wave straight from the box without any extras. The little piggy is from Schleich toys. Grass tufts & moss patches are from Green line and the leaves are from Plus models.

The base is made from a piece of PVC drainpipe.

This vignette is sold.

Mak Melusine 8A
Mak Melusine 8B
Mak Melusine 8C
Mak Melusine 00
Mak Melusine 01F
Mak Melusine 01C
Mak Melusine 04


Like most off my models the paintchips, streaks and other weathering effects are done with Liquitex acrylic inks. Wet oilstreaks were done with Tamiya X19 Smoke.The legs, tubes & piggy as well as the base were treated with Mig pigments.

Mak Melusine 03C
Mak Melusine 03A
Mak Melusine 03B
Mak Melusine 7

Work in progress

For the paintchip effect on this I use the so called hairspay method.

After a descent priming job I sprayed a lemon green base.
Sealed it with Games Workshops' Purity seal and gave it a hairspray layer.

Airbrushed several shades of blue followed by a rough brush job with lukewarm water to peal off the blue layer at specific spots. Again a varnish layer and finalized it with a very diluted dark brown postshade.

Mak Melusine 5A
Mak Melusine 5B
Mak Melusine 6A
Mak Melusine 6B
Mak Melusine 6C

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