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MAK Maschinen Krieger

Fireball S.A.F.S. Space Type from Nitto

It's not easy to pose MA.K Maschinen Krieger kits in a dynamic pose. Although some build splendid MA.K Maschinen Krieger models right from the box standing on a base I never like it to do it that way and I always search for a striking or exotic pose or setting.
This Fireball just had to fly like it is on the box art. Speaking about box art look at this one, sooo nice! And not only this box is a retro designed beauty all the other boxes are just as sweet as this one.

This model is sold.

Mak Fireball 05
Mak Fireball 01
Mak Fireball 02
Mak Fireball 03
Mak Fireball 04A
Mak Fireball 10A
Mak Fireball 07
Mak Fireball 06

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