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Kenzo Rocket

From a kids' dream to a tangible 3D object

Kenzo Rocket 01
Kenzo Rocket 02
Kenzo Rocket 03A

A-3 stage rocket project starting with a sweet concept sketch from a five years old kid Kenzo transformed into a digital painting by Job van Gelder finalized in a 3-2-1 launch ready 3D rocket by Marcel du Long.

Job van Gelder from Monnikenwerk asked me to participate into a "Kids' dream project". Kenzo a 5 years old kid suffering a terrible disease was invited to design a story for a printed book. Not only he wrote a beautiful story about an apples & pears rocket traveling to the moon he also came up with a sketch of a nice rocket. Based on Kenzos' story & design Job van Gelder illustrated the book and after a failed first launch I came up with a "real" 3D rocket. 

Kenzo Rocket 04
Kenzo Rocket 05
Kenzo Rocket 06
Kenzo Rocket 07
Kenzo Rocket 08

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