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Junk Tank Rock Racer

Viper racing car

Kitbashing a Viper

I love the Japanese Junk Tank Rock vehicle designs but.... 
They are not for sale outside Japan. What a pitty. =/ 

So since  the original Japanese resin kit of the JTR Viper racer isn't available around here I build my own. 

This model is sold.

Junktankrockracer 01
Junktankrockracer 02
Junktankrockracer 03A
Junktankrockracer 04
Junktankrockracer 04A

The garage

One of the most challenging aspects of this build was to find useful parts for the wheel suspension.
Had to dig deep in my spare box this time and find with 1/35 German Tiger I airfilters, MAK PKA Ausf.h1 power mounts, MAK PKA Ausf.h1 warheads, 1/35 Panzer IV substructure front wheelplates, 1/35 German Panzer 38 Idler wheel and many more useful bits & pieces to recreate a Viper racer.
The front wheels are 1/35 Autoblinda 41 Resin wheels and the wheels in the back are 1/35 Sd Kfz 223 resin wheels.

The body is from a 1/48 Airfix Spitfire (a pretty kit in fact) and the windshield is from the tip of a 1/48 F16 canopy.  

Junktankrockracer 05
Junktankrockracer 06
Junktankrockracer 07

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