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Jungle Fever

M1A2 Light walker jungle adventure

Jungle Fever 01
Jungle Fever 13
Jungle Fever 02

Deep down the jungle

Jungle Fever is a 28mm vignette starring the delicious M1A2 Light walker from Machination Studio. This kit is a full resin kit and a pleasure to build & paint.

Figures are 28mm scale white metal wargame figs from Warlord Games and although a little bit rough sculpted their poses & expressions are sweet. Check out this other M1A2 Light walker vignette from Pixels & Plastics.
Model finish is done using acrylics, Tamiya weathering master, MIG washes, water color pencils & pigments. Decals are dry-transfers from different brands.

A mix of birch seeds and some "green stuff" (using for train dioramas) was used for creating the jungle floor. The Model scene
ferns and jungle plants are made from laser cut paper leaves and the wigs are from the garden =+)

Jungle Fever 09
Jungle Fever 07
Jungle Fever 08
Jungle Fever 10
Jungle Fever 12
Jungle Fever 14
Jungle Fever 11
Jungle Fever 03
Jungle Fever 06A
Jungle Fever 04
The Nordic walk 19

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