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Jagdpanzer IV Sd.Kfz. 162

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"In a desperate attempt to hold the lines many left their lives. Spring '45"

An East front '45 vignette with the Dragon Jagdpanzer IV L/70 "Johann Huber" DX05 kit.
Figures are converted Warriors models, some scrapbox parts and again superb resin heads from Hornet were used.

JagdpanzerL70 AA04
JagdpanzerL70 AA05
JagdpanzerL70 AA06
JagdpanzerL70 AA09
JagdpanzerL70 AA08
JagdpanzerL70 27

The build

This 1/35 scale Dragon kit was build straight from the box without any aftermarket supplements. Those 2 figures were scratched from  Warriors, Tamiya & Dragon figures with heads from Hornet. 
The unfortunate smashed hotel restaurant "Gykupz" is a plaster kit from MK35.

JagdpanzerL70 03
JagdpanzerL70 01
JagdpanzerL70 05

Painting discs

I applied the very time consuming disc camo pattern on this one using masks from Alexander Glass a.k.a. Uschi van der Rosten.
Almost all the weathering is done with Liquitex acrylic ink. 

JagdpanzerL70 07A
JagdpanzerL70 08
JagdpanzerL70 09
JagdpanzerL70 10

Applying the disk camo

The airbrushed discs were applied using masks from Alexander Glass a.k.a. Uschi van der Rosten.

Applying the camo on this one was a very time consuming airbrush job which took me probably around 5 hours. Started with a basic brown/green soft edge camo pattern. Next a mask was carefully placed, dark yellow disc spraying, mask off and putting on the next disc mask, dark yellow disc spraying und so weiter till the complete hull was done. Quite nerve wrecking I can say but in the end I was very pleased with the result.

After the masking & spraying phase I airbrushed a shadow layer, a so called post-shade to enhance details and it adds wear & tear look and feel.

The complete model was airbrushed using Tamiya acrylics and Tamiya X20-A thinner.
A finishing varnish coat of Games Workshop Purity Seal was applied to 

JagdpanzerL70 11
JagdpanzerL70 12
JagdpanzerL70 13
JagdpanzerL70 14

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