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Italeri's MTM Barchino

Red Five

Old school race mobiles, planes & boats attracts me a lot. Both design and the use of classic materials are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. So from time to time a build a fantasy racer. 

The kitbash is based on the lovely MTM Barchino from Italeri. The original MTM Barchino was an Italian designed WWII explosive motor boat with an escape mechanism for the pilot in the back. 

I kit bashed this one into a classic race-boat design with parts from several aircraft kits. And yes the original one wasn't fit with a boxer propeller engine.

This model is sold.

MTM Barchino 01
MTM Barchino 02
MTM Barchino 06
MTM Barchino 05
MTM Barchino 07
MTM Barchino 08
MTM Barchino 09

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