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1/72 scale Sukhoi Flanker

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The 1/72 scale Sukhoi 33 from Zvezda

This Zvezda kit is a very nice rendition of the Sukhoi 33 sea Flanker.
Only flaws are the rough plastic surface around the nose section, the cockpit details which are very limited and the decals which are of a poor quality. Nevertheless this was a very fun build and probably gonna build a second one. 
Build this one straight from the box with a fictional 3 tone hard edge camo. Added 2 F-14 Tomcat fuel-tanks and added some F-18 Hornet instrument panels n the cockpit. The :bling bling rockets are done with Ushi van der Rosten metalizing powders applied on a gloss Black base. Paint is a mix of Vallejo Air & Tamiya acrylics. Metal parts received coats of AK-Interactive Xtreme metals.

Flanker 09
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Flanker 13A
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Flanker 01A

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