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F-15 Eagle

1/72 F-15E strike Eagle

F15E 01

1/72 Academy F-15E

This 1/72 Academy F-15E (No.12550) is a very nice kit. Build this one almost straight from the box but it's a pity that the canopy is a one piece part and the exhaust pipes are a laugh. (What did you do Academy ??) The very sweet Two Bobs 72-109 F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles decal set was used. The aftermarket exhaust pipes are from KA-models and I used plastic seatbelts from Finemolds.  The paintjob was done using a pre-shade with Vallejo surface primer acrylics, AK-interactive  Panel liner & Xtreme metals for the metal parts, Tamiya acrylics fro the topcoat and weathering pigments (wet applied) for some streaks & stains.

F15E 04
F15E 05
F15E 07
F15E 06
F15E 10
F15E 09

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