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KV-47/B ''Flaming Turtle"

1/35 Scale Dust Game Model

The sweet Dust Game KV-47/B ''Flaming Turtle" is a perfect model to mix WWII with Sci-fi. Casted in grey resin the build of this one was a walk in the park. All the details are very crisp and there's almost no flash on the parts. The legs are provided in a dynamic running pose so you don't have to cut bones add wire and put them in a dynamic pose cause it's already done for you. 
Thnx Paolo Parente you did a very good job on this one!
So I decided to put this steel runner in a Berlin '46 scene accompanied by some splendid Tamiya Russian assault figures. Thnx Tamiya for this lovely figure set. You did a very good job as well.=+)

Dust KV47Walker 05
Dust KV47Walker 06A
Dust KV47Walker 07A
Dust KV47Walker 14A
Dust KV47Walker 17B
Dust KV47Walker 18
Dust KV47Walker 25C
Dust KV47Walker 20
Dust KV47Walker 22
Dust KV47Walker 23
Dust KV47Walker 24A

Work in progress

On top of the small base blue foam, plaster parts, debris from Dio-creations (thnx Rob Trommelen =), balsa wood, Plus model Cobble stones & leaves were all glued together with PVA glue. After some layers of paint it was extensive threatened with different pigments, acrylics & inks.

Finally some superb 1/35 made barb wire from RMG was added.The crushed barrel is made from lead foil and capped with a Tamiya fuel drum part. Again the oil puddle was done with Tamiya Smoke excellent stuff to do this job.

The Flaming Turtle was pre-shade, shaded & post shaded with an Iwata HP-C plus aibrush using Tamiya acrylics & thinner. After a layer of Purity Seal from the Games Workshop the weathering was done with Liquitex acrylic ink. The metal effect on the flamer is done by using metal powder from Uschi van der Rosten.

Dust KV47Walker 11
Dust KV47Walker 12
Dust KV47Walker 04
Dust KV47Walker 01
Dust KV47Walker 09
Dust KV47Walker 10
Dust KV47Walker 03
Dust KV47Walker 02
Dust KV47Walker 08

Russian army assault infantry from Tamiya

Those 3 Russian figures are from the sweet Tamiya Russian army assault infantry set. The heads are replaced with ones from Hornet. All figures are painted entirely using acrylics from Vallejo & Games Workshop. Never "did" Russian before and painting these ones was a real pleasure. Tamiya figures from the 90s' highly recommended as ever!

Dust KV47Walker Tamiya Russian assault infantry 01A
Dust KV47Walker Tamiya Russian assault infantry 02A
Dust KV47Walker Tamiya Russian assault infantry 03
Dust KV47Walker 19
Dust KV47Walker Tamiya Russian assault infantry 04
Dust KV47Walker Tamiya Russian assault infantry 05

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