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Crashed bird 23

Scratch build sci-fi vignette


Scratch-build project

Got a weak spot for sci-fi drones, strange hoovering pods and other stand alone flying stuff.
Made this one from scratch using a 1/35 scale single man personal shelter from WW2.
Details are from different kits from the spare box. The engine is a 1/32 scale resin Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp.
Metal "wings" are from aluminium blinders. 

Crashed Bird 03
Crashed Bird 04
Crashed Bird 05A
Crashed Bird 06A
Crashed Bird 07B

From scratch to crash

For this one I just did the regular procedure; pre-shading, shading, varnishing.
Put on some dry & wet decals afterwards.
Weathering was done using Liquitex ink and pencils.

Crashed Bird 10
Crashed Bird 11
Crashed Bird 12
Crashed Bird 09B

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