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Cold Case

A Star Wars vignette on Hoth

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Star Wars figures oh yeah!

Finally there are some great Star Wars figures to paint and add to your scene. Fantasy flight games came up with some very nice 28mm Star Wars figures a couple of years ago. These are from plastic and the details are very crisp and a joy to paint.

I already build an abandoned pod  a while ago and when I received this figures the idea of the scene was born. The pod was made using 2 PVC spheres, plastic parts from the spare box, acrylic paste. 

Base was created using blue dense foam and wall filler. After the basic shapes were done it received a white base coat and some brown spots to represent some stone ground. The whole was covered with snow using baking soda and white PVA glue. Oil stains & wet streaks were done using Tamiya Smoke & gloss varnish. The figs were paint using Vallejo  & Citadel acrylics. The metal look of K-2SO was done using Uschi metalizing powder on a black base.This came out well.

Cold Case 12
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