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Brewster Buffalo

1/32 Scale US Navy Early WW2 Fighter


Brewster Buffalo in 1/32 scale

This kit from Special Hobby isn't unfortunately that special at all.
The engineering, the panel-lines, the details etc... are pretty bad.
Didn't had much fun building this one but still learned a lot.

The weathering was mainly done using color pencils, Tamiya weathering masters (using water to apply) and enamel wash from MIG prductions. The main reason to use water based weathering materials is simple; It's very easy to retouch (in case you'r not happy with the result) and its harmless to the surface beneath.

Brewster Buffalo 02
Brewster Buffalo 03
Brewster Buffalo 06

Work in progress

Had a lot of trouble with the engineering, fitting and details of the kit.
Those issues were killing much of the fun and it flew almost a couple of times straight to the bin.
Since a good mantra is "Finished not perfect" (check this excellent video from Jake Parker) I finally finished this kit and learned a lot!
This one is way from flawless... but hey it's finished. =+)

Brewster Buffalo 07
Brewster Buffalo 09A
Brewster Buffalo 08
Brewster Buffalo 12
Brewster Buffalo 10
Brewster Buffalo 11
Brewster Buffalo 13
Brewster Buffalo 14

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