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A visual identity redesign

Nowadays the strive to digital perfection is getting harder & harder and feeling satisfied is for some an almost impossible task.

The ever growing digital techniques and their accompanying possibilities to make things.
The ever luring ctrl-z option to adjust & undo things
The compelling ctrl-s function to save every bit of your work every second to feel in control of things.

...are constantly challenging our creative self-confidence.
For a digital company like Webs things are moving fast. Designing your visual identity is a matter of choices otherwise things will never be done in this ever changing digital world.

In 2012 my team and I started with the redesign of Webs' visual identity. After some serious creative battles and a constant challenge of our creative self-confidence  the redesign of the website, logo, print & interior graphic designs were finally done. So we left the creative trenches and came up with the following designs.

Webs site 01
Webs site 03
Webs site 04
Webs site 05A
Webs site 06A
Webs photo 07A
Webs site 08A
Webs site 09A
Webs photo 02
Webs photo 03
Webs photo 04
Webs photo 06
Webs photo 01
Webs photo 08C

Webs 04C
Webs 15B
Webs 10A
Webs 11
Webs 12
Webs 17

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