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The birth of a fictional world

Mistbounds' birth

"A bird’s eye view of Mistbound reveals a world of extraordinary variety: there are the rolling hills of the South.Lush valleys filled with spring flowers swaying in the gentle breeze; a place made for falling in love. On a clear day, one can see mountain ranges on the far northern horizon from here. But going West from these enchanted hills, the land gets browner. Dry grass and gnarled trees before the landscape makes a dramatic plunge, and what stretches out below is a grand canyon. The canyon floor is several hundreds of feet down. It’s a dry place. Dead."

Back home in 2003 I started to create The Mistbound World together with Harm van Dinter

Mistbound is a fictional Dieselpunk world were 3 big factions are in the midst of a big industrial revolution.

The following impressions are the initial concept art pieces I made in 2003 to illustrate parts of the Mistbound World. Loads of sweet Mistbound artwork has been made ever since. Just image Google Mistbound and explore & discover this exotic world.

The Mistbound World is now under the wings of Vanguard Games.

Mistbound katharsis 00
Mistbound slask 00
Mistbound Elysium 00
Mistbound mokosh 00
Mistbound ravimares 00
Mistbound morana 00

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